Douglas C. Morehead

Managing Director of Core Pacific Advisors and President and Director of CRHMI. He has more than 37 years of hands-on real estate property management, development and acquisitions experience. Since 1988, he has also served as the President of Optima Asset Management Services, Inc., where he oversees the daily operations of a full service property management firm with 4.5 million square feet of commercial property in Southern California. His previous positions as President of Optima Capital Management and Triton Property Management included direct management of all operations for a large commercial portfolio, plus several thousand residential apartments predominantly located in the Southwestern United States. Mr. Morehead also served with R & B Enterprises Commercial & Residential Management Company for over 10 years as Vice President and Regional Manager for Southern California, Phoenix, and Texas. He was directly responsible for the management and operation of several million square feet of commercial properties including more than 30,000 Oakwood Garden Apartments. Mr. Morehead earned a BS from Arizona State University.